Nick Underhill and Kevin Washington run through three topics involving the Saints:

1. Should the Saints extend Mark Ingram?

2. Will Willie Snead rebound?

3. What will Drew Brees' contract look like?


Nick and Adam go through the high school highlights of Kamara and Lattimore to determine who was more impressive back in the day.


Nick and Kevin discuss three major topics surrounding the Saints.


1. Would you still sign Malcolm Butler?

2. Do the Saints need a dualt-threat tight end or just someone who can catch passes?

3. What are the glaring holes of the roster and can the team afford to draft the best available players?


Nick and Adam run through a list of topics to set up the offseason.


Nick Underhill and Kevin Washington get together for the first episode of Three and Out on the Saints Talk Network.

The topics include:

1. Do you trust Ken Crawley as the No. 2 cornerback?

2. Should the Saints move forward with a more traditional nickel package or reinvest in the Big Nickel?

3. How should the team handle Drew Brees' dead money?

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Scott Wright from Draft Countdown gives the scoop on all the prospects to watch.

January 19, 2018

It’s Over … Now what?

The season is over. What now?

January 8, 2018

The playoff podcast

The Saints are in the playoffs ... and have won a game. These are all new things for this podcast.

December 29, 2017

Waiting for the playoffs

Tampa is up this week, but Nick and Adam set their sites ahead to the playoffs.


The Saints have to play the Jets this week, which basically feels like intermission between Falcons games ... but New Orleans must avoid the trap.

Also, what's up with Willie Snead? Will we see him this year?


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